Chair massage is used to prevent work-related complaints. For example RSI complaints that quickly arise during repetitive work behind screens. But also for complaints as a result of physically demanding work.

Sit4it uses pressure point massage (shiatsu) to treat these complaints. With this technique the flow in the body is stimulated, tension decreases and the self-healing capacity of the body is activated. Physical relaxation provides recovery, better concentration, clear thinking, more focus and more energy.

Chair massage at the workplace
Chair massage is an efficient and effective means to support the vitality of employees in the workplace. Chair massage can easily be hired at Sit4it and is possible at any workplace. A chair massage takes place in a specially designed massage chair. There’s no special preparation or change of clothes involved, so it’s easy and convenient. The employee is back in the workplace within 20 minutes.

Event massage
Chair massage is a great marketing tool for events, openings and company or product presentations. It positively strengthens the bond with your customers or audience. It is also an attractive and popular addition to a seminar, company events or a congress. Sit4it chair massage easily fits into any location or activity program.

The rate for chair massage is € 60 per hour (excl. VAT) plus parking costs if applicable.
No travel costs are charged within The Hague region.
A surcharge of 20% applies to events that take place during the weekend or in the evening. Discounts apply for packages and subscriptions.

Sit4it offers special arrangements with cheaper rates for regular users.

Package 1 – A year-long weekly massage on location € 800 (excl. VAT) per month
(48 weeks of 4 hours – 12 to 16 participants per session)

Package 2 – A year-long biweekly massage on location € 450 (excl. VAT) per month
(24 weeks of 4 hours – 12 to 16 participants per session )

Chair massage is tax deductible.

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